Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nerves, Nerves: Go Away!

It's been quite a while since I've posted, and in that time, I've competed in 4 competitions and worked on getting more consistent with the elements I have. I've also worked on my nerves.


The bane of my existence, a family trait passed down from my father (we are carbon copies), and a not-so-minor impediment to my progress.  I've tried hypnosis tapes by Brian Orser, but they bored me. (All that repetition! Enough already!)  I tried writing down all my anxieties into a journal, but that only makes me fixate on all the wrong things.

 I'm learning the only the way to conquer nerves is to keep on keeping on. In other words, keep doing what I'm doing until everything is "under my feet".  Just keep skating.

I keep reminding myself that when I began singing in public all those years ago,  I had to down 2 glasses of wine just to gather the courage to do it.  But I kept performing, and guess what? I can sing anywhere, in front of anyone, at any time. (And I find it's better without the wine!)

So, I've signed up for every competition I can get to, just to get in front of people with my programs. That includes ISI recreational competitions! (Don't knock it, ladies and gents! Any opportunity to put it out there is a dress rehearsal for the big ones! I've heard coaches poo poo these competitions as a "waste of time", but I respectfully disagree!)  Even though there usually is no one in my age group or category  - so I end up skating "against the book" - I look at it as a warm-up in costume.

I did an ISI competition 3 weeks ago in Anaheim, CA, which was my preparation for the USFS Adult Sectionals in Las Vegas. I did 3 programs in one day, and it was exhausting, but worth every minute.  It gave me the confidence to head to Vegas and face the music....

And here I am in Anaheim after skating 3 programs in 3 different costumes..exhausted but relieved!


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