Friday, March 13, 2015

First real day back after competition

Wow, I had no idea how exhausting a week of competition could be. I took three days off this week! I could barely move yesterday, and to be honest I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I felt like the Tin Man in need of oil.

But, as a fellow skater at Pickwick Ice told me this morning, that's the time when you MUST get up and keep going.  Keep the blood flowing to those areas of your body that are sore and fatigued. Makes sense.

By the second session, I felt like my joints had been oiled, and I was able to do all my jumps and spins without too much effort. My new mantra as I jump is "UP!" Literally, I physically say to myself "UP" every time I jump (as opposed to "around") and it does make a difference!  I want to be jumping higher when I get to Salt Lake City.

So, I'm throwing down the gauntlet: Starting Monday, I am going to run my tech program 2 times. I will run that program 2 times a day from now until Nationals. Endurance & strength - those are my goals.

More later!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Adult Sectional Championships - Las Vegas NV

Last week I dove off the high dive and competed in the Adult Sectional Championships at the SOBE Ice Arena in Las Vegas.  I did my three programs: Light Entertainment, Dramatic, and Technical.

I'm very proud of what I did (well, mostly), but beyond that, I was so blown away by the friendship and support of the adult figure skating community.  We come from different backgrounds and states, but we all share a passion for this sport. I met some amazing men and women, and I was so inspired by the talent out there!

Of course I quickly added a slew of these wonderful people as "friends" on Facebook, and I can't wait to see them again at the Adult Nationals in Salt Lake City (which is in 4 weeks)!

I  could not believe it when I placed 1st in both Light Entertainment and Dramatic. The other ladies were so entertaining and I'm not sure I would have placed myself first. But the judges thought otherwise, and I'm very grateful!

On my technical program, I placed 4th, which was a gift. I made it to the last 10 seconds of my program and fell. I fell!! Stupid!!  After watching the video, it looks like I was just so exhausted I decided to sit down.  That's what it looks like. It was the last program of the week, I had been up since 4 am for a 5 am practice and I think I had stretched my body to its limit.

I'll be working on my endurance for Nationals in April.  My checklist:  water, 7-8 hours sleep, 6 practices a week, 3 light jogs a week, and a Vitamin B-12 shot a week before. And eating! This is no time for dieting. I need my energy.

Here are a few photos from a fantastic 5 days in Las Vegas.

Nerves, Nerves: Go Away!

It's been quite a while since I've posted, and in that time, I've competed in 4 competitions and worked on getting more consistent with the elements I have. I've also worked on my nerves.


The bane of my existence, a family trait passed down from my father (we are carbon copies), and a not-so-minor impediment to my progress.  I've tried hypnosis tapes by Brian Orser, but they bored me. (All that repetition! Enough already!)  I tried writing down all my anxieties into a journal, but that only makes me fixate on all the wrong things.

 I'm learning the only the way to conquer nerves is to keep on keeping on. In other words, keep doing what I'm doing until everything is "under my feet".  Just keep skating.

I keep reminding myself that when I began singing in public all those years ago,  I had to down 2 glasses of wine just to gather the courage to do it.  But I kept performing, and guess what? I can sing anywhere, in front of anyone, at any time. (And I find it's better without the wine!)

So, I've signed up for every competition I can get to, just to get in front of people with my programs. That includes ISI recreational competitions! (Don't knock it, ladies and gents! Any opportunity to put it out there is a dress rehearsal for the big ones! I've heard coaches poo poo these competitions as a "waste of time", but I respectfully disagree!)  Even though there usually is no one in my age group or category  - so I end up skating "against the book" - I look at it as a warm-up in costume.

I did an ISI competition 3 weeks ago in Anaheim, CA, which was my preparation for the USFS Adult Sectionals in Las Vegas. I did 3 programs in one day, and it was exhausting, but worth every minute.  It gave me the confidence to head to Vegas and face the music....

And here I am in Anaheim after skating 3 programs in 3 different costumes..exhausted but relieved!